Custom chemical feed design. Done right.

The ProMinent Experience

From start to finish, we understand the process behind building custom chemical feed systems. With our twenty-five years in the custom industry and our team’s cumulative total of over 125 years experience, we’re better equipped than any other company in the world to understand and present solutions for the challenges you’re facing today.

Redefining consultations.

We understand the specifications and customer requirements.


We listen first. And not only do we listen, but we understand the applications and can address risks and potential problems with confidence. We ask probing questions to dig deeper and identify all of your needs.

Creating the specifications

Our staff has a cumulative total of 125 years of experience. We understand the importance of generating a detailed specification for a project to address the full scope of work and to eliminate the risk.

World-class Project Management.

On schedule and within budget. And the best documentation in the industry.


Our engineers understand your documentation requirements. We have experience meeting the most comprehensive requirements in the industry. We’re so thorough, in fact, that our clients tell us they use our documentation as examples for other vendors.

On schedule

Our experienced Project Managers maintain project schedules and communicate with your team weekly, providing updates and working solutions to keep your job on time.

A model of a custom chemical feed system

Amazing service and reliability.

From the consultation to the installation and everything after, we have you covered.

A model of a custom chemical feed system

The ProMinent Quality

ProMinent is known for its amazing customer service, but we wouldn’t be here today if we didn’t build the best chemical feed pumps and packages. Reliability, quality, and ease of use are the three hallmarks of a ProMinent system.

After-market support

We take over from the engineers and consultants to assist with the commissioning of the system and ensure you are satisfied with its performance. That way, everybody can keep doing what they do best. And we do customer service and support better than anybody else.

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